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Having your business featured on the walls of the Chattahoochee gym is a great way to support CHS Basketball and reach thousands of potential customers! 

Thousands of spectators are drawn to the “Hooch” gym each year and the many events held at this distinctive building. By sponsoring these outstanding student-athletes, you are helping them to achieve their goals as a program while also marketing your company for these spectators to see! 

Different levels of sponsorship allow you to deliver your company’s exposure in a variety of media, ranging from in-gym banners, online links, multimedia gameday programs, and even a theme night for your company to promote how you’d like!  Your company will be visible at all events held in the Hooch gym, both athletic and otherwise, for an entire year. 

2021/2022 Sponsorship details and form below

Tip-Off Club

Please feel free to reach out to the board members with any questions. 

President - Robert Takacs @

Secretary - Heather Mikolajczak @

Treasurer - Eric James @

Fundraising Coordinator - Kristine Adetosoye @

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Sponsored by Johns Creek Emory Hospital

Johns Creek Emory Hospital

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Sponsored by Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc - C.K.YAU

Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc - C.K.YAU

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Sponsored by Wild Wing Cafe

Wild Wing Cafe

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Sponsored by Chick-fil-A, Alpharetta Commons

Chick-fil-A, Alpharetta Commons

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Sponsored by The UPS Store

The UPS Store

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