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Thank you Gavin-Good Luck at Vassar !! We appreciate all you have done for the program.

Congrats-2019 Varsity Team

Gaby Cornier

Sofi Creek

Spandana Andhavanran

Tanvi Deokar

Oulimata Diaw

Carolyn Mahaney

Allie Flynn

Bre Becnel

Afton Goulding

Amber Hutchenson

Jasmynn Innis

Lexi Nyland

Valeria Perez

Logan Purdum

Recent Varsity Volleyball News

Letterman Jacket Fitting

By Jeff Stephen 11/07/2019, 8:30am EST

The next Letter Jacket Fitting is

Thursday December 12th

in the Cafeteria during lunchtime

10:45 am- 1:30 pm

$175.00 Deposit REQUIRED to order the jacket

Letter Jacket base price= $325.00

Bring all the patches and letter you want on the jacket.